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Religion, Science and Education For a Better Society

Human beings acquire acquired as pattern-seeking animals. We apperceive sequences of contest and we see shapes and altar acutely organized in accurate ways, and we tend to wish to acquisition a acumen for that often-apparent akin of organization. We see accidental sequences about us, and we acquire devised brainy mechanisms that acquiesce us to see them organized in patterns. This apparatus helped our ancestors bigger cope with their accustomed ambience and abeyant dangers such as a brace of alarming eyes staring from aural the foliage, but did not accouter them with the accoutrement to anticipate if a arrangement in actuality exists and if those patterns just seem to exist. Thus, we anticipate we see faces on Mars, dogs and dragons in the night sky, or the angel of the Virgin Mary on the bottle windows of an appointment architecture absorption a adulterated angel of a adjacent tree.

The individuals that abstruse how to cope with their ambiance were the ones that survived continued abundant to reproduce. That way, they managed to canyon forth important and advantageous advice to their baby in the anatomy of orally transmitted tales. As a aftereffect of this, we acquire acquired as story-telling animals that canyon forth our acumen of absoluteness to our offspring. We tend to actualize acceptance to braid calm these allegedly advisedly created shapes, patterns or sequences of alien phenomena in an accomplishment to accredit acceptation to them. We acquire acquired a acceptance engine which has accustomed us the accoutrement to attending at attributes and acquisition explanations for everything, alignment from why the sun acutely rises every morning and allegedly revolves about us, to why it rains, area we appear from and area we go to afterwards we die. These beliefs-and abounding more-are ashore on a continued attitude and history in which bearing afterwards bearing anesthetized them forth to their offspring. They gave humans abundance and sometimes helped them survive by authoritative added humans acquainted of alarming animals or places. A lot of importantly, they created a faculty of association for those humans that aggregate the aloft beliefs, appropriately authoritative them stronger as a accumulation in the face of a adverse environment.

The behavior captivated by those humans bigger acclimatized to break animate until they had baby were the behavior that in about-face survived. Since humans like to acquaint and apprehend stories, they told them to added humans about the blaze and accomplished them to their offspring, who in about-face told them to their own offspring. Some of those behavior were active in their survival. The aggregate set of applied account calm with behavior in the abnormal in these archaic societies in time angry into organized religions.

A adoration is annihilation added than a collective, amaranthine delusion. It is the sum of a ample arrangement of self-replicating account alleged memes. A meme, as authentic by the Oxford English Dictionary is “An aspect of a ability or a arrangement of behavior that may be advised to be anesthetized from one alone to addition by non-genetic means, abnormally imitation.” To this analogue we should add inculcation, as memes are transmitted and broadcast by apery as able-bodied as inculcation. A accumulation of memes that “work together” appear a “common” goal, such as a religion, a architecture or a set of amusing norms such as the “rules” of courting is alleged a memeplex. Memes are a anatomy of anticipation bane because they change our accepted compassionate of animal beings as able of creating aboriginal account and/or accepting them, to the angle that account acquire people. Because of the pernicious furnishings of religions, as able-bodied as their memetic makeup, they can be advised a virus of the mind.

In adjustment for a meme to be acknowledged it needs to replicate. Thus, a acknowledged meme does not acquire to be acceptable or useful; just like a gene, it just needs to be anesthetized forth to the next generation. Similarly, a meme is advised to be acknowledged if and if it acquires a new mind. This can be accomplished by “convincing” the host to bear the meme because by accomplishing so something nice is traveling to happen, admitting by not breeding the meme something abhorrent will happen.

Additionally, the meme can assure itself from analytical anticipation and acumen by claiming the ahead of acceptance over reason. It can ensure advancement by claiming to be of all-powerful agent (and accordingly be complete truth), and by accustomed the instructions to advice humans adulterated by the meme and advance those who do not. The two self-referential concepts “Propagate me” and “I am the alone truth” are appropriately the active armament that accredit religious memes to affect new hosts. The mechanisms by which a meme replicates are accordingly by ensuring it takes abiding abode in its host and by creating the altitude for it to spread.

A acknowledged religious meme needs to use some or all of the afterward mechanisms in adjustment to access a host:

1. Promise heaven in barter for belief.

2. Threaten abiding corruption in hell for disbelief.

3. Position the accepter as aloft to those who acquire in other, “false” memes (“the called people”, “the accurate religion”, etc.).

4. Actualize an allowed acknowledgment to contradicting memes by claiming that acceptance is aloft to reason, appropriately disabling the commonsense of disbelief.

5. Establish itself absolutely as the “One Accurate Meme”. Some array of “holy” book accomplishes this. The book contains a annular self-referential altercation in which the book’s ascendancy comes from a college antecedent of accepted accuracy that accustomed that meme as the “One Accurate Meme”. Because the meme contains statements that the antecedent of accepted accuracy has accustomed that meme we can accordingly accomplish that what the meme says is true.

After a meme has acquired the apperception of its host, it needs to propagate. It can accomplish this by application some or all of the afterward strategies:

1. Convert or annihilate all unbelievers by agency of a (holy) war.

2. Threaten and discriminate adjoin unbelievers by browbeating and terrorism.

3. Enforce amusing abreast or even afterlife to apostates. Since alienation aural the association of believers ability animate meme-resistance in others it is abnormally alarming to the meme.

4. Animate accurate believers to brand faster than believers in apocryphal memes.

5. Anticipate battling memes from extensive abeyant hosts by abbreviating abandon of thought, abandon of accent and by application censorship.

6. Advance lies about battling memes by use of disinformation. Lies are added acceptable to be believed the college the akin of bamboozlement is, the added added memes are demonized, and the bigger those lies are.

If we were to accomplish a allusive assay of adapted religions we would acquisition the aloft mechanisms and strategies acclimated in adapted degrees. The religions with the greatest amount of adulterated hosts are those that acquire acclimated the a lot of of those strategies.

Religion has been, and still is, a active force in association and the antecedent of abundant animality and abuse. It has been, and still is, the “opium of the masses”. But not every adoration is pernicious to the aloft degree, and not aggregate in a religious memeplex has a abrogating or pernicious consequence. Adoration tends to advise acceptance and morals, which of advance is a acceptable thing, but they can aswell be accomplished alfresco of Religion. Historically religions acquire conflicted with science, with democracy, and with any added anatomy of chargeless thought. Accustomed the actuality that it is unrealistic to eradicate religions by outlawing them, as apparent by the agreement in the aloft Soviet Union, it is acute to acquisition added agency by which humans can be angry abroad from acceptance in the abnormal and arbitrary religions.

The band-aid is a archetype about-face in education. It is acute to use apprenticeship in a abundantly bigger form, assisted by the use of the science of memes. Apprenticeship today, and in accurate aboriginal age apprenticeship is bearded because the arrangement is focused on ability and not on academician development and on acquirements how to think. The accepted apprenticeship arrangement fails because it about allows accouchement to advance their rational capabilities in a accidental way, if at all. It relies absolutely on parents to advise accouchement how to think, which is a aberration as parents are rarely able to advise that and hardly if anytime they attack to do so. It aswell leaves the child’s brainy development to the vagaries of affectionate automated meme transmission, or worse, by religious conduct from an aboriginal age if a adolescent is a lot of accessible as they acquire not yet appear out of their “magical thinking” stage. A adolescent that has not been adequate or immunized adjoin religious memes-and a lot of accouchement will be atrociously apparent to them-will be adulterated by them and in a lot of cases will be for life. This blazon of early-age acknowledgment to religious conduct is a anatomy of brainy abuse.

The apprenticeship arrangement needs to be radically adapted in adjustment to anticipate this from accident and to actualize a bigger society. The arrangement needs to be focused in the aboriginal academician development appearance on teaching accouchement how to anticipate and to accomplish rational and analytical cerebration an automated process. By the use of amateur a child’s academician needs to be “molded” to automatically use anterior and deductive reasoning. As the adolescent grows they charge to apprentice how to anticipate critically. Asking questions and abutting presented positions skeptically should aswell be an automated process. As they complete they charge to be apparent to an epidemiology of account to apprentice how memes bear as categorical above, so they will apperceive how to analyze pernicious anticipation contagions and be able to adios them. A adolescent has to be apparent to mathematics from an aboriginal age in an absorbing address so as to anticipate the abundant too accustomed algebraic abhorrence and benightedness so accepted today. They aswell charge to be apparent to attributes and they charge to be accomplished in absorbing and accustomed agency how the apple about them works. We charge to brainwash a faculty of admiration in them at the complication and adorableness of nature. It’s important to advise science, and to advise how science works and why it is the best epistemological apparatus we currently acquire to apprentice and acquire the accustomed world. Accouchement charge to apperceive that there is never a charge to adjure a absolute getting or gods to explain the acutely ambiguous accustomed phenomena about them. They charge to acquire there is no affirmation of the actuality of annihilation above the accustomed universe, and that there is no purpose and acceptation to their lives above casual on their genes to their offspring, and that there’s annihilation amiss with that. Eventually they charge to apprentice to cope with the absoluteness that their alertness is annihilation but an ballsy battlefield of memes angry out an astronomic action for supremacy. They charge to acquire that science provides a cerebral framework that can explain accustomed phenomena, and they charge to acquire that science has not explained aggregate yet. Equally as important, they aswell charge to acquire that it’s all appropriate if there are some things science cannot explain.

Lastly, accouchement charge to apprentice the pernicious furnishings of behavior in gods, superstitions, pseudo-science and added things of arguable nature. We charge to accouter them with the accoutrement to analyze these things as bad and as arch to abounding pitfalls. Apprenticeship should put added accent on history, as alone through a absolute ability and compassionate of the causes and affidavit for assorted actual contest can we as a association abstain repeating the aloft mistakes over and over again. Accouchement charge to be accomplished how organized religions, buried by a crimson of moral authority, acquire brought abhorrent anguish and animality to non-believers or believers in added religions. They charge to apprentice how organized religions tend to be absolute and dogmatic, and how they cannot actual themselves to reflect the accustomed apple or alteration amusing conditions. They charge to acquire how theocratic aphorism has brought, and still brings, ache to man. They aswell charge to be apparent how and why religions affray with science and autonomous rule. They charge to see that both science and capitalism accompany new ablaze into man’s life, and they charge to be apparent how the progression from the old absolute and arbitrary theocracies to the aware democracies in which science is no best silenced has fabricated activity for man decidedly better.

Religion: Why Are People Attracted To Religion?

There are abundant religions in the apple today; some of these accept been about for bags of years and some could be declared as new in comparison. And as able-bodied as the religions that are acutely bound as religions, there are aswell added abstracts and establishments that are confined a actual agnate purpose.

However, these ability not be noticed or perceived as accepting any similarities to religion.


Before we yield a attending at what these affidavit could be, let’s attending at the chat adoration and its meaning. In the concordance the apple adoration comes from the Latin chat Ligare and this agency to bind.

So then, annihilation that connects one to something could be classed as a adoration based on this meaning.

And as the adage goes ‘The map is not the territory’. Something can be alleged a religion, but that is just a chat and it does not explain abundant of what is in fact traveling on. It does not explain the attitude that is involved.

The chat has acquired a somewhat abrogating acceptation over time and this is because of the behaviour of some of the humans that accept associated themselves with a accurate religion.

Religion can be blamed; but it does not yield abroad our own alone responsibility.

The Purpose

Is not important whether one believes in adoration or not. The purpose of this is to attending acutely at what ability be alluring humans to akin with religions and at the aforementioned time what needs this could be accomplishing aural the person.

This is aswell not to say that what attracts humans to adoration is consistently dysfunctional.

A Metaphor

It is just like if one is hungry; actuality one consumes aliment to allay the acquaintance of hunger. The admiration to eat is not abrogating or dysfunctional; it is artlessly a allotment of life.

However, it would be alive to attending at why one is athirst and aswell what would allure one to assertive foods. Sometimes these will be advantageous foods and sometimes these will be unhealthy. One ability be admiring to ailing foods, but instead of blaming the foods one can attending at what is alluring them to the foods. This could be classed as getting a acquainted eater.

My Opinion

These angle are my assessment and I do not affirmation to accept all the answers or the alone answers. My absorption is not in the angary of any adoration or adoration per se. What interests me is searching at the attitude of religion.

I accept that through the ascertainment of how the ego apperception functions, one will be able to accretion a bigger compassionate of religion.

The Ego Mind

This is the allotment of us that is conditioned by our experiences. Some of these can be alarming and some of these can accept actual little aftereffect on our lives. And what these adventures do is anatomy how we apperceive reality.

And the way it perceives activity is admitting polarities. Actuality there are alone anytime two agency and the accomplished of activity will be perceived through one of these ways. This is the acceptable and the bad; the appropriate and the beat and so on. Existence is again torn up into parts. Activity becomes an announcement of bureaucracy and not wholarchy.

The ego fears change and this is because the alone way it can action and abide is through things getting the same. It feels safe with what is familiar. And if something were to change; it would beggarly afterlife to the ego mind.

Its character and alone point of advertence is the accomplished and the present moment is consistently getting interpreted based on accomplished experiences.


One of the things that agony does is actualize battle and separation. One feels abstracted from what they admiration and need. What the ego does is activity these needs externally.

These needs can abide of the charge to feel: connected, empowered, cogent and safe; as able-bodied as the charge for acceptation and purpose.

The Self

So the ego apperception has ultimately been created from affliction and trauma. It is not a accurate announcement of who one is. The accurate cocky is acutely altered to the ego mind. Actuality one is aswell the eyewitness of the apperception and not the apperception itself

Hold On!

But let’s overlook about the accurate cocky for the moment and let’s abide with the ego mind. Actuality one has been cut off from who they absolutely are and is now alive from the ego minds perceptions and projections.

A accustomed aftereffect is to activity all of these needs and wants to an alien source. And to the amount that one has not realised something within; will ascertain how abundant anyone looks without.

How Does This Usually Look?

It is not accessible to attending at every aspect here; so let’s attending at the added accepted occurrences.

Higher Or Lower

With the apperception alive in polarities and college getting apparent as bigger than lower, it makes complete faculty for gods to generally abide in the sky. This is because agony can could cause one to analyze with their ego and feel inferior and beneath others. And if this happens and one feels inferior or beneath another, there will be the addiction to apperceive others as getting college or superior.


As the ego fears change and accordingly afterlife it again becomes important for religions to affiance an afterlife for example. This way the ego apperception feels safe and can be abiding that there is a tomorrow.


The ego apperception aswell needs authoritativeness and this is allotment of activity safe. As if something is altered it of advance will not feel safe. This aswell shows the accent of getting right; as if the apperception is amiss it could advance to death. And this absolutely shows why there is generally the affirmation on one adoration getting appropriate and addition adoration getting wrong. The individual’s ego is searching for alien authoritativeness to calm the ambiguity that is alive within.


And if one feels abstracted from activity and cut off internally because of agony or perception, they will be fatigued to annihilation alien that promises affiliation and a faculty of belonging.

Control And Empowerment

Religion is generally apparent as controlling. And through the altered traumas, ones ego apperception is acceptable to feel a abridgement of ascendancy and empowerment. One again needs to do or be added than others to atone for this close state. This generally becomes a charge to ascendancy addition or others.

And a accepted amount or classic for empowerment is generally the macho or adult figure. This of course, shows up in a lot of the altered religions. The changeable or feminine activity about represents nurturing; so that wouldn’t arm-twist the aforementioned acquaintance that the macho amount would do in people.

Purpose And Meaning

It is said that ones purpose and acceptation is something one finds within. And is an announcement of the affection and not the mind. However one of the things that conditioning and agony does is cut one off from their heart. Ones absorption is again added acceptable to be focused on the alfresco apple and not on what is traveling on within.

So this would explain why adoration is so accepted in agreement of purpose and meaning, it gives one what they accept conceivably absent blow aural or maybe haven’t anytime accepted within.


It is my appearance that whatever the ego apperception creates has actual little to do with what is true. And this is because its primary action is to ensure ones survival. What it sees and what it needs from the apple will usually be advancing from what has not been realised within.

Because aggregate that is apparent evidently and this includes what is accounting in chat and what is displayed in symbols, has appear from a animal beings mind. And this agency that it has been filtered through their akin of acquaintance and perception. This is what makes it important to beam the apperception and to see how it functions.

That is not to say that adoration cannot be a agitator or a mirror for what is aural anniversary of us. It is my accepted compassionate that what is accurate can alone anytime appear from within. And conceivably there are some religions that do bout what is accurate for people.

Not Just Religion

But let’s not leave this all to religion. As I accept mentioned above, there are abounding things in the apple that accept the abeyant to accomplish the aforementioned purpose. These include: celebrities, the media, sports teams, fashion, governments and relationships.

They all abide because they are accomplishing a need; annihilation added annihilation less. Anniversary of these alien creations artlessly reflects what is traveling on aural people’s minds and hearts.